NuPS Home Light System


  • Smart and Intelligent.
  • IoT compatible with full remote monitoring.
  • MPPT Solar Charger ensure 98% generation to absorption efficiency.
  • Highly efficient power plant for direct operation on main supply.
  • Company power pack with LFP battery power pack.
  • Up to 8 hours of autonomy.
  • LCD for user data display.
  • Online support with web access.
  • Built-in ports for mobile phone charging.
  • Built-in provision for 3G/4G dongle for data use / IoT.

Product description

Sukh Energy is an authorized channel partner with Cygni Energy Pvt. Ltd. for north India and Africa. We believe that there is a better way to power our homes and businesses at a much lower cost while contributing to a cleaner greener planet. We also believe that solar rooftop power can cost lesser if an efficient and intelligent solution is designed based on individual’s requirement.

Cygni Energy, head-quartered at Hyderabad, India, is led by an experienced team of professionals who have the experience in creating and running large institutions and the expertise in renewable energy sector. We have a wide-range of experience in managing Grid Connected, Rooftop and Decentralized Photo-voltaic (PV) systems.

We know that renewable energy will power the future, and we’re working to bring that future closer for homeowners and small businesses. Cygni envisions a future where the energy to power our lives is produced close to home by renewable sources and delivered through smart systems.


Additional information:

Load Capacity 500w
Solar PV 500Wp/48V
Warranty 5 Years
Li-ion Battery 1.25 kwh
Suitable for 2 BHK Appartment | 5 hrs of backup on full load