Solar Home Lighting System


  • Microcontroller-based design
  • Advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) System
  • >96% efficiency in both 12V & 24V battery configurations
  • Data retrieval via RS232 interface
  • Protection against low voltage, reverse polarity and overcharging
  • Separate battery current limit and total current limit
  • Visual status indicator for system operations e.g. MPPT charging, system fault & battery low
  • Clear and dynamic built-in LCD display showing operating data and working conditions
  • Wide input voltage range: 18V to 50V DC
  • Output current rated at 10A
  • Automatic 12/24V selection
  • Automatic Float-Boost charging
  • Optional Bluetooth communication

Product description

Our Solar Home Lighting system is a safe, highly reliable and cost-effective solution for home and commercial applications. The unit consist of a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) based charge controller with three configurations (100W, 200W & 300W) that support daily use of DC-operated LED lamps, tube lights, mobile phone chargers, fans, solar panels and distribution boards.

The solar home light systems can act as an invaluable source of power in remote places where there is presently no means of acquiring electricity e.g. Communication outposts, forest reserves, camp sites and rural communities. In addition, the unit can act as a standby source during power outages.


Additional information:

Solar PV Module 100W 200W 300W
Battery with Provision of Charge Controller 12.8V / 30Ah LiFePo4
LED Luminaire 3 x 3W / 2 x 6W / Maximum of 6 hours operation
DC Fan

15W / 6hrs maximum recommended use

15W / 8hrs maximum recommended use
Option Port Radio 12V DC TV and radio
USB Port 5V @ 1A output for mobile phone charging